Angular Joint Mobilization® - Upper Extremity I


Angular Joint Mobilization® - Upper Extremity I


Tuition: Early Bird $250, Regular Registration $285.

This one-day seminar includes 70% hands-on practical training and 30% lecture. The contents of the seminar highlights the biomechanical principles and practical hands-on skills required to perform Angular Joint Mobilization® techniques in a competent and safe manner for extremities.

8 contact hours


Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to :

  1. List correctly the 2 types of joint motion
  2. Describe correctly the difference between Osteokinematics and Arthrokinematics
  3. Describe correctly how joint moves in comparison to Kaltenborn's Convex-Concave rule
  4. Describe the controversy of translatoric joint mobilization when used on rotary motion joints
  5. Describe accurately the concept of Angular Joint Mobilization®
  6. Demonstrate safe, competent and proficient performance of Angular Joint Mobilization®  -  Extremities correctly without supervision

Prerequisites: No other course prerequisites are required for this course.

Hours: 1 Day, 8 contact Hours.  As applicable for each state, CEU approval is submitted to the respective Occupational Therapy State Boards.

Attendance: Must be licensed OT or COTA.

Each student is expected to attend all hours of instruction to receive a certificate of completion. Any exceptions to this policy must be pre-approved in writing by the Directors.

Lab clothing: Participants should bring clothing each day that allows for participation in the practical sessions. Each participant's body must be accessible for observation and treatment. Please refrain from wearing large or sharp jewelry. A sweat suit is advisable between demonstrations, as temperatures may vary in the room. 

Course Outline 
(Schedule may change to allow for lab flexibility & participant interaction)




Introduction / Joint Biomechanics, Controversy of Kaltenborn’s Convex-Concave rule, Controversy of translatoric joint mobilization / Concept of Angular Joint Mobilization® / Applications of Angular Joint Mobilization®




Angular Joint Mobilization® Relaxation technique


Glenohumeral joint AJM (Angular Joint Mobilization®)




Glenohumeral joint AJM (continue)




Elbow joint AJM 


Radioulnar joint AJM 


Wrist joint AJM


Review/Discussion/Question & Answer


Conclusion of Course & Issue of Certificate

  • Early Bird: one month before start date of course; Regular Registration: Less than one month until course start date.

  • 8 Contact Hours will be awarded upon course completion; these hours will be submitted to the respective State Board of Occupational Therapy, if applicable in that state.  A confirmation letter and receipt of payment will be sent via email.

  • Course payments can be transferred or fully refunded with 3 weeks written notice; notice received after this time subject to 50% transfer refund. No refunds or transfers will be issued after the seminar begins.

  • All transfers are final and are not redeemable for monetary refund.  All transfers must be used within twelve months of issue date.  Kim Institute reserves the right to cancel the course up to three weeks prior to the starting date for circumstances beyond its control.  In the unlikely event that this should occur, your tuition fee will be returned in full; however, Kim Institute will not be responsible for nonrefundable airline tickets, hotel reservations or any other travel or personal expenses incurred by the registrant.